Our Services  -   We don't just lay around all day, like some folks we know!
Whether you are an Owner/Operator with one truck or hundreds, we can
" MAKE YOUR JOB EASIER ". Providing you with your needs in a timely fashon at a fair cost for your region of departure, you will get covered with no effort on your part. Provide us with the preliminaries and we do all the legwork.
Think about the last time you heard this...
Your phone rings 10 minutes before you are scheduled to be escorted. You then hear "Hey driver, my tranny just blew and I can't get there".
You say "Well do you have another escort to cover me?"
You hear, "No, I am a one man operation and can't help you with that."
Well now after smashing your fist on the dashboard, you get out you directory and start thumbing the pages. You should have called F&M FIRST!

We can't promise you an escort we provide to you will never break down, or there will never be a problem, BUT we can promise never to leave you without an escort. We will make it right and cover your needs from start to finish, state to state and do it with passion.
Since we provide qualified & certified escorts with good track records
and dependable vehicles, chances are things will go smoother.
"WE MAKE YOUR JOB EASIER". It is that simple.